May 2012 JolieBox

Hi everyone – first of all, welcome to my blog! I had a blog a few years ago and realised that I really missed it so I decided to create a new one to talk about a topic that I love so much – beauty! What I really want to get from this is to have fun testing and writing about products, to help others in their purchase decisions and to, hopefully, meet new people along the way!

I am sure a lot of you are already familiar with the concept of beauty boxes. For those of you who are not, beauty boxes are subscriptions you can get online for a monthly fixed price where you receive a certain number of samples and/or full-size products for you to try during that month.

I have been a GlossyBox subscriber since earlier this year and am pleased with the service and products so far, so I thought of checking out JolieBox as well. This morning I received my first JolieBox and thought of creating this post.

The Box

JolieBox May 2012

JolieBox May 2012

The box is smaller than GlossyBox’s but it is still of a good size and I will definitely use it as storage in the future. What I really enjoyed about their packaging, though, is the little black bag that comes with it and stores all the products – it will be so handy when I travel and want to take makeup or jewelry with me!

The box also comes with the ‘JolieMag’, a cute little magazine that has articles, interviews, tips and some discount coupons as well as with a ‘Menu’ card, with a list of all the products inside the box.

The Products

1) Organic Rose Moisturiser (Essential Care) – 15ml: “A light-textured facial moisturiser with the rehydrating benefits of organic rose, for all skin types”.


Essential Care - Rose moisturiser

I have not used any products by Essential Care in the past, so I look forward to trying this one out. The texture is creamy but thin, the product was absorbed very quickly and the skin looked moisturised. One thing to keep in mind is that the cream is definitely scented!

2) Eye Therapy Patch (Talika) – 1 pair: “This reusable patch for the under eye instantly smooths the area using extracts of Safflower, Avocado and Rosehip”.

Eye patch

Really excited to try this one out! I have dark circles and started developing some fine lines under my eyes and I want to see if this product will improve the look of them.

3) Make Up Base (RMK) – 15ml: “This make up base primes the surface of the skin, adds moisture with Shea Butter and provides the perfect fit for foundation”.

RMK Base

RMK Base

The consistency is a bit similar to that of the cream above, light and not runny. It was absorbed very quickly and left my hand with a smooth, velvety feeling. This product is also scented, although it is not very strong.

4) Professional Nail Lacquer (China Glaze) – Some like it Haute: “Give your nails a burst of flower power colour with this long-lasting, chip-resistant and nail-hardening polish”.

Nail polish - Haute

This is the least interesting product for me just due to the fact that I bite my nails (I know!). I am growing my nails again and will definitely give this one a try once they are long enough. The colour however is so pretty – sort of a greyish/charcoal/purplish colour with glitter and I can see some women really liking it.

5) JolieBox brush (synthetic bristles):

JolieBox brush

This brush is not listed in JolieBox’s product ‘menu’ so I am not sure if I received it for being my first box or if others have received it as well. However, I am happy to have received it and will give it a try soon!

Overall, I am pleased with the box and look forward to using all of the products. I will update you all on my feelings on these products as I am able to test them and form an opinion.

Have you received a May 2012 JolieBox as well? What products did you get and what were your thoughts?



One thought on “May 2012 JolieBox

  1. Hi Mrs G. I haven’t had a Jolie box before, but I was enjoying Carmine beauty boxes until they were taken over by Glossybox. I don’t subscribe to any beauty box service at the moment. I’d love to try the RMK make up base. I haven’t heard of Essential Care before now either, but if the quality is as good as Korres wild rose 24 hr moisturizer, which I have tried, it would be good.


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